Joara Pottery Festival

Dear Potters and Community Members,

On behalf of the Exploring Joara Foundation (EJF) I wanted to thank each of you for the many years you have worked to make our annual pottery festival a beautiful and memorable experience.

The pottery festival committee and EJF’s board spent the past months evaluating our strategic plan and fund raising needs for the upcoming year. It was with sadness that the committee decided that the festival requires a tremendous amount of manpower and resources for the dollars and impact we would be able to achieve this year. We do not feel that it is fair to ask potters to put in so much work for a two day event if EJF simply will not have the time and manpower to generate the sponsorship and awareness needed to ensure great participation. Therefore, EJF will not be hosting a 2016 pottery festival.

In 2016, EJF will be launching a tri-state event to celebrate the 450th Anniversary of Juan Pardo’s expedition that led to the development of Fort San Juan here in Morganton. These events are scheduled to trace Pardo’s expedition and will last from 2016-2019. For this reason, most of our outreach and fund-raising efforts will be centered on this major series of events.

We are not saying that the pottery festival is being eliminated forever, but felt that this year we simply have too many projects on our plate to successfully tackle such a large event this spring. We still look forward to engaging you in our upcoming festivals and events, realizing that the format might be quite different.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Once again, thank you all for sharing your talents and beautiful pottery with EJF and our community.

May 2016 bring each of you much joy and many new and amazing opportunities.

Kind regards,

Marie Palacios
Executive Director
Exploring Joara Foundation