Puzzle Creek Pottery

Clay sculpture by Donna King
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Puz­zle Creek Pot­tery con­sists of John and Donna King.

John’s work cur­rently involves heav­ily carved and tex­tured sur­faces on what are essen­tially tra­di­tional shapes. For the most part, these pieces are both func­tional as well as dec­o­ra­tive. Many of his works are depic­tions of ani­mal life and become less func­tional as they become more sculp­tural. Puz­zle Creek Pot­tery par­tic­i­pates in sev­eral regional show/​sales through­out the year.

Donna’s work involves small sculp­tures depict­ing wildlife, often with the young in their home envi­ron­ment. She strives to be authen­tic when carv­ing and paint­ing each piece. Her sub­jects range from small mam­mals to birds with an occa­sional whim­si­cal some­thing thrown in. Look closely at Donna’s work and you will find the tini­est details; from small insects to the lichen on stumps.

Puz­zle Creek Pot­tery
312 Good Earth Farm
Bostic, NC 28018

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