Puzzle Creek Pottery

Puzzle Creek Pottery
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Puzzle Creek Pottery consists of John and Donna King.

John’s work currently involves heavily carved and textured surfaces on what are essentially traditional shapes. For the most part, these pieces are both functional as well as decorative. Many of his works are depictions of animal life and become less functional as they become more sculptural. Puzzle Creek Pottery participates in several regional show/sales throughout the year.

Donna’s work involves small sculptures depicting wildlife, often with the young in their home environment. She strives to be authentic when carving and painting each piece. Her subjects range from small mammals to birds with an occasional whimsical something thrown in. Look closely at Donna’s work and you will find the tiniest details; from small insects to the lichen on stumps.

Today John and Donna live in rural Rutherford County where he is employed as an instructor at his daughter Kiowa’s teaching studio, Good Earth Pottery Studio. He and Donna also maintain a gallery at their home. They feel that their greatest reward as potters is the appreciation that others have for their work. That appreciation continues to surprise and inspire them.

Puzzle Creek Pottery
312 Good Earth Farm
Bostic, NC  28018

Email: King2230@bellsouth.net